Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Nexo Knights have landed!

Woo! The Nexo Knights are here! Early birthday presents galore! 

Sharing today, Robin! 

Robin comes in a package (as opposed to a box). The small packet that seemed to emphasize the Lego Minifigure as opposed to the play set appealed to my magpie tendencies. 

I expected, pretty much, just a Minifigure but was pleasantly surprised that everything that came with it! 

I love that he has a chicken crest (which I understand to be related to a "storm chicken" ability. It not only appears on one of his swappable sheilds but it also emblazoned on his chest. 

Interestingly he also comes with chicken drumsticks. Wonder if that relates to being from what I will now term the "order of the chicken". But hey - if I got freebies from KFC I wouldn't mind being from the "order of the chicken" too! 

Can't wait to open the rest of my loot! 

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